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QuickStart Engine (3D Game Engine for XNA 4.0)

To download the engine, or demo, click 'Downloads' tab at the top of the page

The QuickStart Engine is designed to make it easy to get your 3D XNA project off the ground, by taking care of the framework for you, like physics, rendering, input, cameras, particles, GUI, etc. The engine is stable but still in a beta phase, lacking animation support and a level editor at the moment. Due to lack of a level editor I would currently recommend this engine more towards those with C# knowledge. If you want a full fledged engine with a level editor for XNA I would look into something like the SunBurn Game Engine.

Developing games with the QuickStart Engine is completely free. Both Visual Studio C# 2010 Express and XNA are free to download and use, as well as this engine, which is open-source.

Feel free to send us screenshots of your project, we love to see what people can get out of the engine. Also, with your permission, we may post your screenshot with a link to your website.

Buoyancy and Density physics (now through the BEPU physics engine)

Model texturing, normal mapping, particle emitters, and shadow mapping

Water with reflection, refraction, and shoreline detection

In-game GUI (using Nuclex GUI Framework with some custom enhancements)


  • Click here for screenshots (56k warning, large images in this section)

Fun with physics, QuickStart Engine uses the BEPU Physics Engine for its physics (since v0.27)

A debug display for physics meshes. Especially useful for invisible triggers

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