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QuickStart Engine v0.3

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Updated: May 3, 2013 by LordIkon
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Release Notes

Planned features

  • No longer supporting the Xbox 360. I'm currently the only developer on this project, and I don't have the membership or time to be able to support the 360. As an open source project, anyone is free to take this engine and add support for the 360 to it.

What might get pushed back to a later version:
  • SkyBox support.
  • Atmospheric scattering
  • Vegetation (grass and trees)
  • Skinned animation support
  • Volumetric cloud system (through use of modifications 3D particle system).
  • Continuous terrain LOD (I've got this working, however, it causes small hitches in framerate, which is more annoying than a constant lower framerate with the current terrain implementation.