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QuickStart Engine v0.262

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Downloads: 5128
Released: Jan 23, 2012
Updated: May 8, 2013 by LordIkon
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Recommended Download

Source Code QuickStart Engine, v0.262
source code, 10007K, uploaded Feb 8, 2012 - 3929 downloads

Other Available Downloads

Application Sample Demo, DX10 or higher only
application, 22261K, uploaded Feb 8, 2012 - 772 downloads
Application Sample Demo, DX9 or higher only
application, 22257K, uploaded Feb 8, 2012 - 427 downloads

Release Notes

This version is now deprecated, it is being left available for download because it is the last version to use the JigLibX Physics Engine. If you have a version older than this one and don't want to update to the BEPU Physics Engine that is in the current version of the engine than you can download this one.

Main Features

  • XNA 4.0 compatible
  • Clean engine architecture
    • Makes it easy to make your own game using the engine.
    • Messaging system allows communication between systems and entities without coupling your code.
    • Entity/Component system allows you to make your own objects and customize them very easily.
    • Load entities and components from XML definitions.
  • Terrain engine
    • Quad-tree culling
    • Multi-texture splatting and normal-mapping
    • Smoothing and scaling
  • Full-featured Physics engine
    • Uses JibLibX for physics (as well as advanced custom physics)
    • "Phantom" Physics, allows for triggering of actions based on entering/exiting a volume.
    • Triggering of actions on and off contact with an entity.
    • Density Physics for realistic collisions and water buoyancy
  • Graphics system
    • Allows you to create your own materials.
    • Easily create shaders and match them up with materials.
    • Textured, specular, normal-mapped shaders implemented.
    • Realistic looking water
      • Reflections and refractions (both above and underwater)
      • Shoreline detection, and water depth fog
    • Shadow mapping (DX10 only)
  • In-game GUI system
    • Uses the Nuclex GUI framework, plus some added features unique to the QS Engine
    • Create your own menus, windows, buttons, scrollbars, etc.
  • Particle Emitter System
  • Character Controller
    • Steer an entity and jump as if it were a controllable player.
  • High Performance
    • Frustum culling of all entities
    • Run large scenes with many objects at high framerates
    • Multiple performance levels to choose from
  • Input systems
    • Setting up input in your game is very easy.
  • Cameras
    • Multiple camera types supported, or create your own.

Known issues this release
  • We are aware of a bug in physics picking against terrain, this looks to be a problem with the JigLibX physics engine itself, we are looking into it.

Changes this release (since v0.26)
  • Fixed a crash in the GUI Framework. This looks to be a bug in the framework that is unrelated to the QuickStart Engine. I've provided the .dlls for this fix to Nuclex if they would like to reference it:
  • Created a physics picking system
    • This lets you click on entities within the world, so long as they have physics.
    • This will return to you the entityID of what you've click on, which you can then use to send messages to retrieve pretty much any information you would like about an entity.
    • This also returns the position that was clicked (in 3D), and the surface normal of the triangle that you clicked on (of the physics mesh, not the render mesh).

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