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  • CharacterPhysicsComponent (Components\PhysicsComponents\CharacterPhysicsComponent.cs) 
    • Entities with Character Physics will always remain upright, and respond to input from a character controller (e.g. CharacterInputComponent).
    • The CharacterInputComponent will grab input values from the character controller and calculate velocities from that. The velocities are sent to the physics system just like any other, however, characters have special physics bodies that are handled differently by the physics engine (CharacterBody). The character body does things like allow jumping off of surfaces and keeping the character physics upright at all times.
    • As this component is still in a prototype phase there is nothing special about loading it up as far as settings are concerned, I recommend just using the component definition provided in the sample, located at (Content/Entities/ComponentDefinitions/CharacterPhysics/PlayerPhysics.xml)

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