• Components (Components\BaseComponent.cs) 
    • Most of the specific functionality for an Entity is done through various individual components. Each component serves its own specific purpose. By allowing entities to have multiple components, they can be whatever you need them to be. For example, if you want an Entity that you can see in the world, but doesn’t have physics, then you’d just give it a RenderComponent, but if it needed physics, then you’d also give it a PhysicsComponent. 
    • Components can be active or inactive. If they have been activated (via a call to ActivateComponent()) then they will receive both an Update() and FixedUpdate() call. Update() is called every frame, and FixedUpdate() is called after each physics update. 
      • Only activate your component if you need to receive update calls. Fewer active components and entities means less CPU usage each frame, which means you'll maintain equal or higher framerates.
  • Terrain
  • Render
  • Physics
  • Water
  • Particle Emitter
  • Collision Trigger
  • Camera
  • Input
  • Constant Movement
  • Constant Rotation
  • Light Emitter
  • Sky Components

BaseComponent functionality (documentation pending here)

  • Initialize()
  • Shutdown()
  • Update()
  • FixedUpdate()
  • ExecuteMessage()

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