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  • Graphics System Details
    • RenderPassDesc
      • RenderPassDesc is used during QueryForRenderChunks(). It contains useful information for how specific systems should respond to the render pass. For example, if the render pass specifies that it is only looking for geometry, than light chunks and water chunks need not respond. If the render pass type is for shadow mapping, then things like terrain need not respond.
      • The RenderPassType will also specify if it is rendering a reflection or refraction for water, so specific entity types can choose whether or not to respond. Additionally, within a GeometryChunk, a chunk can specify whether or not it will allow reflections, refractions, shadows, etc. This way a single render pass can grab a lot of geometry, and then specific systems in the graphics system can use whichever chunks they need, and exclude others.
    • GraphicsLevel (QSConstants.cs)
      • This is the level of detail the engine is set to. Different systems can be setup to render (or not render) things depending on graphics settings, or render things at higher/lower detail levels.
      • Currently there are some hard-coded settings throughout the engine that are hooked into the different GraphicsLevel settings, however, the plan for a future version of the engine is that there is an XML file describing which settings related to different GraphicsLevels.

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