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GUI Framework

The GUI Framework is a newer feature, available only on v0.26 or newer.

The QuickStart Engine uses the Nuclex GUI library for it's graphical user interface (GUI). It supports all kinds of GUI techniques normally found within games, like windows, buttons, scrollbars, menus, etc. We've also added some functionality to the framework to make it more user friendly.


Nuclex GUI Documention


QuickStart Engine Custom Enhancements

  • All GUI controls now receive double-click events, double-click support is not part of the Nuclex GUI Framework.
  • A minimizable window control, allows you to minimize and restore your windows very easily.
    • For example, in the Sample Demo you can double-click on the window to toggle it between minimize and restore states.
    • Because MinimizableWindowControl allows you to call minimize/restore from your own code you can do things like start your window minimized by calling Minimize() before the first render.
  • Added new render states to WindowControl
    • Windows will enter a different render state while being dragged.
    • Windows will enter a different render state when a mouse cursor is over them.
      • You can see both the hover and drag states in the Sample Demo



More documentation pending on this page

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