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This page is deprecated, it applies only to v0.263 of the engine (and earlier).


JigLibXActor is the QuickStart Engine's wrapper for the JigLibX Physics Engine's Actor class. This wrapper acts as a physics entity's link between the QuickStart Engine and JigLibX.

  • Density
    • JigLibX
      • JigLibX uses density (and volume) to determine the mass of a physics body, the lower the density a body of a specific size has, the lighter it will be, and the less force it will apply during collisions with other bodies.
    • QuickStart Engine
      • The QuickStart Engine adds additional calculations based on physics.
      • Buoyancy is calculated whenever a dynamic physics body lies within a body of water that has a WaterPhysicsComponent.
  • Buoyancy
    • This is a feature of the QuickStart Engine that is not available in JigLibX.
    • Buoyancy calculations are done within the WaterPhysicsComponent.

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