Version 0.20 is moving along quite nicely, we're set to have quite a few improvements. Notable changes are multi-threading support, physics engine support for Xbox360 (not just Windows), and whole new scene/scenemanager/entity re-vamp, which includes the ability to attach components, like physics/rendering/lighting components. If I had to take a guess I'd say version 0.20 should be out in late 2008, however that isn't set in stone.


The QuickStart Engine project has been going for a few months now, all the way up until version 0.182. However the project become much more ambitious and so we've decided to build a new engine from the ground up.

Don't worry about losing anything, we'll be porting all of the nice features from the original engine into our new one, but we'll have so much more.

So what will be new in v0.19-v0.21? Here are a few things:
  • Xbox360 support as well as the current Windows support.
  • A messaging system, you'll be able to send messages to any interface/manager system in the game.
  • Interface/manager systems. These will control aspects of the engine. For example there will be an input system that handles all input, and then anything in the engine that needs input can request it from the input manager.
  • A whole new rendering system will allow for more efficient rendering, higher framerates, materials, and new features, like shadow mapping, distortion, and some new postprocessing effects just to name a few.
  • Complete full-rigid body physics system, which will allow you to use any convex shape for collision.
  • Networking. We'll be supporting Live networking through both Windows and Xbox360. We're also considering setting up Windows System Sockets networking for those who don't have or want Windows Live.
  • Scene/level editor with full GUI support. Save and load your own maps.
  • Improved and easier to use Audio System.
  • Improved Camera modes and new camera features.
  • Improved Terrain system, geomipmapping, vegetation, random terrain/vegetation generation, texturing by elevation.

Many of these features will be over a period time, so you won't see all of them in the first few releases of the new engine (v0.19 and higher), but hopefully you'll eventually see them all.

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